Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alaska is USA

By Joel G. France, Ed. D.
Dimond HS, Anchorage AK

This is to educate some people in the lower 48 states about the very existence of Alaska as member of the USA. As anybody knows here in Anchorage that this state produces oil more than any other states can and for the record, Alaska is the biggest state by land area. Population density is 1.2 per square mile.

People may think of Alaska as all year round ice and snow and winter is all darkness. When I ask the bank in Wichita, Kansas where I acquired my loan to allow me to ship the car they would not let me because of the thought that Alaska is another country. A guy whom I talked to even insulted me that the kind of car is not suitable for driving in Alaska because of the bears and moose around. It's ridiculous how they thought about it.

My friends are divided in giving me impressions about Alaska when I decided to move. They were thinking of the great tundra, polar bears, pine trees, icy stone terrain and bad lands. But when I reached Anchorage, to my amazement, it is a great city progressive than Wichita. It has International Airport, Wichita has only Intercontinental Airport. Groceries, Department stores, coffee shops, parks and amenities are everywhere. Anywhere I look is a real American city like any other. What is different, the place has a natural and ecological backgrounds. The sum of it all, Anchorage is a beautiful city and Alaska is definitely a magnificent state that Americans should be proud of.